Feb 26, 2017

Fake news.

We’ve heard the mantra of ‘Fake News’ used quite a bit lately usually in regard to what the administration is doing or going to do but let’s take a look at some fake news that people in some quarters don’t appear to acknowledge:

The Middle Class.
President Obama helped the Middle Class - FAKE NEWS!

The middle class that President Obama identified in his State of the Union speech last week as the foundation of the American economy has been shrinking for almost half a century.

From 2007 to 2014, real median income fell by a stunning 6.6 percent; third-party research indicates that there was some recovery in 2015, but that real annual median income will more than likely still be underwater compared to 2007 when last year's data is released in a few months.

Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigrants only add to the nation, they don’t take anything - FAKE NEWS!
And I stopped there.

This was something I recently started writing and then I was stricken by something and it led off to a new avenue that hadn’t occurred to me before now.

I am sometimes writing things well in advance of when they are posted just to be sure there is a regular daily stream of content as I try to resurrect the blog here.

Today though there were demonstrations again after an ‘event’ held by the President over the weekend and I realized something about our friends in the news media.

For all their carping, THEY ARE EXTREMELY HAPPY!



A Trump Presidency is the best thing to ever happen to the News Media. The more outraged you are, the more you tune in to see the latest thing to fuel your outrage. It’s a simple equation really. The news organizations whether they are pro or con the current political climate can keep you torqued up to such and extent as to keep you riveted to the news.

I was watching the National Geographic channel this evening where they were revisiting the Obama years and it was very clear that at a particular time in his Presidency, Barack Obama just decided in his frustration he would bypass Congress completely.

That was a BAD MOVE.

And it led us to where we are now because, as much as you may hate them (and Congress in general deserves a really specialized form of contempt that will condemn them to a special ring of hell) the members of Congress are elected representatives of the people and for the head of the Executive Branch of government to take it upon himself to bypass them was a terrible idea.

And you can agree with him doing it but then the flip side is when people who you don’t agree with are in power they do the same thing!

The News Media though is doing their level best to play into your outrage because they can keep you watching.

Now, it doesn’t mean I think any of us should be uninformed but if you don’t thing there is a glee within quarters of the media who watch as their ratings numbers go up and up and up you are in a very real state of denial.

I don’t think anyone is better off for it but we’ll see how much the media can ratchet up things before there is an explosion and when there is you can be sure our friends will be devoting non stop 24 hour coverage to it to keep us all up to date whether or not they actually have something new to report.

In absence of anything to report they’ll just go to that old fallback of speculation and conjecture that appears to be serving them very well currently.

And then wonder why we have contempt for the media and doubt its trustworthyness.

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